Copper Gutters

Copper gutters can be a stunning, elegant choice of rain gutters for a home. It can add a sophisticated look, and having quality copper is the only route if you want to go with this material at all. Of course, there is a relatively high price tag associated with this type of gutter system but It is unparalleled in its style and appearance.

This high price tag can pay for itself just sitting on your rooftop, outlasting many other metals. You will save on replacement costs of gutter systems and the trouble of having to install new gutters every few years.

Types Of Copper Gutters

Many styles of copper gutters are available so you can get one that matches your style:

  • Seamless copper gutters
  • Half round gutters
  • Lead coated copper gutters
  • K-style copper gutters

Copper’s Beautiful Color

Copper gutters have a shiny bright color when first used in any application. This beautiful metal is used in many applications such as minting coins, making kitchenware, to pipes, wires, bicycle parts, and much more. The finish of it starts off very bright and shiny but this color slowly changes over time.

This color that develops on this metal is referred to as a patina. It is actually a protective surface that is a copper oxide patina. This is a normal and expected change that happens to it.

After a few weeks of being left out, copper gutters usually change color to a bluish green color, or even orange to red hues, purple, green, you name it. It can develop some funky looking colors! These colors will eventually fade in time to a darker red or brown color you are probably most familiar with when you think of this metal.

Some people actually look for methods to speed up the development of the patina on copper. Depending on the application or usage of metal, the amount of time it takes for these transformations can take years. For outdoor applications like copper gutters, it can be anywhere from a few years up to 15 years depending on the sulfur dioxide in the air.

Moisture also plays a big role in the development of the patina. The sulfate patina that develops on the surface of the copper is very resistant to weathering. So once it is fully developed, it will boost the durability and lifespan of gutters.

Some people like the original color of the gutters and want to preserve that. However, there is no long-term solution for that. Temporary solutions of protective coatings can be applied to the gutters to preserve it a bit, but eventually it will still weather and change colors.

Faux Copper Gutters

Sometimes people want the look of copper gutters, but don’t want to pay the price tag that comes with them. There is an option available where you can purchase gutters that come painted to imitate this great looking color.

There are actual copper flakes inside the paint that gives it this look. It also develops the patina over time like full copper rain gutters do. Personally, I think this is silly. Why pretend to have copper gutters when you really don’t. I would save up for some real copper gutters, or else not get them at all.


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